Five Ways To Tell The Difference Between The Cold And The Flu

It's that time again: cold and flu season. It is incredibly important that you know how to tell the difference between cold and the flu to avoid serious health complications from developing. Both the cold and the flu are viral infections of the respiratory system, but the flu is far more serious. Keep reading to learn five ways to tell if you have the flu instead of the common cold this winter. Read More 

Do Your Part: How To Help Your Candidate Win The 2020 Governor’s Election

It's election year. Time for you to get out and flex your political muscle. If you don't think you have any political muscle to flex, you're wrong. Everyone has something to give to the cause. This is especially true with the governors race. The governor runs the state. That's why it's important that you get involved in the campaign. You want to make sure that you get your voice heard, especially with legislative matters. Read More 

What Are Some Ways To Donate To Your Favorite Congressional Candidates?

When election season approaches, people become very focused on the presidential candidates. However, the candidates running for congressional seats also deserve your attention. After all, congress and the President do work together to determine the laws the nation will abide by. You want to vote in candidates who will represent your interests and make decisions you agree with. But voting is not the only way to support congressional candidates. You can also provide support via donations. Read More 

What Should You Do If You Find Marijuana In Your Teen’s Possession?

If you're a parent who happens upon a joint while looking for something else in your teenager's room or finds a marijuana cigarette while emptying pockets to do your teen's laundry, it's natural that you'd question what your reaction should be. The suggestions below can help you. Take It Seriously If you experimented with various drugs when you were younger or just don't think marijuana is a serious drug, you may be inclined to ignore what you've found. Read More 

Get Involved: 3 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Politics

With politics in the news so much lately, you might be wondering how to get your kids involved in the process. You want them to grow up with a firm understanding of the political process. You also want them to know that they can be an active participant in the changes that affect their lives. To make sure your kids grow up with a firm foundation in politics, you need to start early. Read More