What You Should Know About Working With A Notary In Your Area

Whether you need a piece of paperwork signed by a notary just once, or you need to work with a notary regularly for the foreseeable future, there are a few things you should know about before starting your search for the perfect notary to work with. Here is what to know:

You May Have to Make a Call

One thing to know about working with a notary public is that you might have to call them to make an appointment ahead of time. Many notaries do not work only as notaries throughout the day. They might do the work in their spare time, between part-time jobs, or only on certain days of the week. Because of this, it is always a good idea to call ahead of time and figure out whether you need to make an appointment or whether you can just walk in whenever you need the signature of a notary.

You Should Bring Proof of Identification

It is important that the notary you are working with knows exactly who you are and can verify your identity before signing any paperwork. If they do not ensure that you are exactly who you say you are, they cannot confidently sign your paperwork, no matter what the paperwork is for. Therefore, you should bring proof of identity with you when having paperwork signed by any notary public.

Your identification can come in the form of a driver's license, a mortgage or rent receipt, a phone bill, and other types of official receipts — like tax returns. The most important thing is to have identifying information that shows both your photograph and some of your basic personal information.

The Process Does Not Take Very Long

Getting a notary to sign a piece of paperwork should not take exceptionally long once you meet with the notary in person. They will take a look at your identifying information, quickly read through the paperwork you need to have signed, just to ensure that nothing against the law is included, and then sign their name and place their official stamp on your paperwork. You can then pay for the service and be on your way, without having to worry about anything being mailed to you or having to wait days for approval to get the notary stamp.

There are many great notaries out there to work with. The trick is to find one who is available when you need them the most and who is easy to communicate with overall. For more information, contact a local business, like Lomeli Industries LLC.