What Are Some Ways To Donate To Your Favorite Congressional Candidates?

When election season approaches, people become very focused on the presidential candidates. However, the candidates running for congressional seats also deserve your attention. After all, congress and the President do work together to determine the laws the nation will abide by. You want to vote in candidates who will represent your interests and make decisions you agree with. But voting is not the only way to support congressional candidates. You can also provide support via donations. More donations translate to better campaigning, which will help get your candidate elected.

But how do you donate to a congressional candidate? Take a look.

Donate to a Drive

Most congressional candidates will host drives, which are basically campaigning events during which they speak about their platform and get the audience excited about what they'll do if elected. The costs of these drives can add up. After all, the candidate needs things like seating, a sound system, and refreshments. If you hear about a drive in your area for a candidate you like, just contact the event organizer and offer to donate. They'll usually have an address you can send a check to or even an online donation service you can utilize.

Buy Apparel

More and more, congressional candidates are beginning to sell apparel as a way of both raising funds and raising awareness. You can buy a t-shirt or hat, and the money from that purchase is treated as a donation and used to help fund the campaign. You can usually buy this merchandise on candidates' websites, and you will also found it sold at any drives or rallies they host.

Contact Your Party Chapter

If you would like to just write a check and donate directly to the candidate's campaign, then contact your local party chapter. For example, if you want to donate to a democratic candidate, then contact your county's democratic party office. They will generally have direct contact with the candidate's fund management team if that the candidate is part of that political party. They can forward on any funds you wish to donate. Just make sure you clearly indicate which congressional candidate you are trying to support.

Congressional candidates do not often get as much support as Presidential candidates, but they do have expensive campaigns, and they could use whatever funds you're willing to donate. Use the tips above to make sure your money goes to the right cause.