What Should You Do If You Find Marijuana In Your Teen’s Possession?

If you're a parent who happens upon a joint while looking for something else in your teenager's room or finds a marijuana cigarette while emptying pockets to do your teen's laundry, it's natural that you'd question what your reaction should be. The suggestions below can help you.

Take It Seriously

If you experimented with various drugs when you were younger or just don't think marijuana is a serious drug, you may be inclined to ignore what you've found. You might be reluctant to discuss the matter with your teenager because you don't want to be the bad guy. Realize that marijuana users have a greater chance of heroin addiction; let that information urge you to have a serious talk with your teen about what they're doing. It doesn't help your teenager to ignore the issue, and you can be a better parent by discouraging your child from seeking out illegal substances.

Avoid Thinking It's Your Fault

Many parents find out about their teenager's marijuana use and start to think that it's their fault in some way. Not only does this type of thinking not help your child today, but it can also be misguided guilt. It is imperative that your teen is able to understand that their own decision-making is causing problems; they should not be able to blame you and their upbringing. When your teenager is able to admit that their choices have guided them to this point,  that can be incredibly freeing for them. They can understand that their choices, which got them here, can be better and put them on a better life path. If you continue to blame yourself and encourage your teen to do the same, they may have a harder time because they won't realize the power they have to improve their life because they are too busy blaming you for what has happened to this point.

Restrict Their Time with Younger Siblings

If you allow your teenager to supervise younger brothers and sisters, you might want to re-evaluate that after finding marijuana in their possession. While your teenager might never consciously cause harm to come to their siblings, if they are under the influence you cannot depend on them as strongly. Make sure you don't allow your teenager to watch any siblings or younger relatives until you are sure that they are no longer getting high. Be certain to tell them that their substance use is the reason for this.

With the suggestions here, you should be able to handle finding marijuana among your teenager's belongings. Consulting a substance abuse professional like Rick Williams Substance Abuse Professional is a great way to get more ideas and have an expert on your side so that you can help your teenager avoid further drug-related problems.