Get Involved: 3 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Politics

With politics in the news so much lately, you might be wondering how to get your kids involved in the process. You want them to grow up with a firm understanding of the political process. You also want them to know that they can be an active participant in the changes that affect their lives. To make sure your kids grow up with a firm foundation in politics, you need to start early. Here are three simple steps you can take to get your kids involved in politics

Be Open About Your Opinions

Kids want to understand what's going on. They want information. If they don't get it from you, they're going to get it somewhere else. Be open with your kids about your opinions, but remember that they need to have their own opinions too. While you're discussing your opinions about current topics, be sure to encourage your kids to form their own. One way to do that is to include questions when you're sharing your opinion. Questions such as "what's your opinion?" or "how do you feel about that?" will help your kids feel comfortable developing their own opinion about current events and political issues.

Provide Positive Examples

In any election year, there are going to be plenty of negative campaign ads. Unfortunately, negative campaign ads only serve to incite anger. When getting your kids involved in politics, search out positive examples. Be willing to provide your kids with positive examples from both sides of a particular issue. For instance, regardless of where your opinions lie in the political arena, if you see a positive ad, discuss it with your kids.

Make Sure Your Discussions Are Age-Appropriate

When introducing your children to politics, it's important that you consider their ages. Trying to discuss topics that your kids are too young to understand may confuse them and turn them away from future discussions. To encourage active participation, be sure your conversations are geared to the ages of your children. For instance, when talking to small children about politics, you could explain that the US political system is like a playground game. The legislative branch makes the rules. The executive branch makes sure the rules are followed. The Judicial branch makes sure that the rules are fair.

Today's children are tomorrows voters. The best way to prepare kids for their future civic responsibilities is to teach them while they're young. Use the tips provided here to get your kids involved in the political process. To learn more about politics, look to news sources like Kathy Hamilton Daily Herald